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ABC Family History Association is all about making connections!  Our members usually have some connection with the Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon (ABC) council area or Northern Ireland itself, whether they live there or their family came from there, no matter how long ago.  We run family history courses to teach people how to find the connections between us and know who our ancestors were, where they came from, what they did and how they lived.  Members can also take part in projects to use those skills and share results. We love to welcome those from overseas to our area and help them get the  most from their trip to their ancestral homeland!

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You can join ABC Family History Association as an Online Member who can enjoy our web page and online family history courses and workshops and start or take part in projects, or you take out one of our local Membership categories for individuals, couples and students who can also attend events we organise in Northern Ireland, which will be well publicised on this page. Organisations who support our purposes can take out a Corporate Membership.  Come and join us!

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Stay in the Know

Brackagh Photography Project starting soon!

We are delighted to report that we have been awarded a grant from ABC Council for the research connected with this project.  This will help to pay for a series of expert talks to take place over the next 3 months.  The Ulster Folk Museum is providing us with four Zoom talks on farming, clothing, houses and their inhabitants, and photography. Local man Norman Kerr is also providing us with a Zoom talk to give us his perspective on these photos and Richard Edgar, well known local author and military historian, will also be speaking to us in relation to those images which have a military connection.  We have a couple of other talks to arrange and then we will be announcing the full programme.  Members from anywhere in the world are now invited to select the photos they would like to research for this project.  Just email us on

Our Next ABC Family History Zoom Talks

Wednesday 28 April at 7.30 pm

Richard Edgar, local author and military expert, speaks

to us about the old UVF in 1914, and about the ARP Wardens and Home Guard in WWII

Thursday 13 May at 7.30 pm

‘Houses and Their Inhabitants’ – Victoria Millar

(Senior Curator of History, National Museums NI)

FREE to all members

Read all about this beautiful Grandfather Clock made in Portadown and now in Rhode Island, USA


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ABC Family History Association is buzzing!



ABC Family History Association organises short family history courses and workshops from 30 minute online courses to 1 day face-to-face courses, open to all but with lots of free courses for members.  We also offer bespoke courses to other organisations for their members. There are courses for beginners and more advanced researchers and we love to help young people gain the skills to take the first steps in finding out about their family history. 


Using the Science

ABC Family History Association encourages you to consider the DNA testing which is now available from many different companies.  DNA results can help to break down your 'brick walls' in research and find new family members, helping to connect us all.  We explain the different DNA tests available, where to upload your DNA, help you to consider the implications of what you might find out and run courses to assist with the analysis of your DNA results.  Join us to find out more!


One-to-One Support

With this initiative, ABC Family History Association's goal is to help you with your family research.  This may be through advice regarding the next steps to take, suggesting taking a family history course, showing how to use various web sites, assisting with presentation of research - including topping up the necessary computer skills.  Request an hour of personal support from one of our volunteers and in return please consider a small additional donation to our funds.


Building a Community

Local research projects in which ABC Family History Association members can participate are a great way of finding out how we connect and can lead to improved understanding and better community relations.  A project may be building your own family tree, trying to break down a 'brick wall' in your family tree, doing a One Place Study, a DNA project, transcribing church records and lots more, and we love to work alongside other organisations in local projects.


Armagh City, Banbridge & Craigavon

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